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Localization adds linguistic color to your favorite game, that's our two cents! Localisation adds linguistic colour to your favourite game, that's our tuppence worth! Version franšaise  
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Game localization service - Provoco nemo non!

We offer a game localization service that is built on years of experience. Countless crunch modes on many major game releases have taught us how to deliver quality localized games, quickly and efficiently. A solid commitment to quality and an unwavering commitment to the gold date are the hallmarks on the services we offer below.

Internationalization and Localization Analysis
- We analyze the game, checking for internationalization issues and for any potential problems that could affect localization
- Make technical suggestions and offer technical assistance to resolve any identified problems

Project Planning
- We detail the languages that will be required and the release timetable for each language
- Agree start dates for the translation of text and recording of audio
- Detail the localization production process
- Create the localization plan (detailing vendors, size and skill of the team, work timetable, costs, etc.)
- Reach agreement on the localization plan

Localization Process
- We monitor the development of the game in order to better manage the localization thus ensuring cost effective translation, recording and testing
- Manage the translation and recording schedule (monitoring game assets for updates, parsing files, translation kit preparation, liaising with the translators/studios, checking translated assets, etc.)
- Manage the build and testing schedule (create the localized builds, detail the test procedures for each build, monitor the build and testing plans to ensure maximum efficiency)

- Localized layout files for the manual, box and other print materials
- Localized gold master, on schedule, in the format required, ready for production
- Localized demo and post-release updates/patches for the game

Commitment to quality and to the gold date

No matter how much planning has gone into the the development process, it is inevitable that some things will slip, yet the one thing that cannot slip is the release date. Invariably it is localization that gets squeezed from both sides. When the squeeze is on, you need a team who have been through it before and have the commitment to go through it again, this is where Game Localization Network specialize. Our network of experienced translators, proof readers, recording studios, actors, engineers and testers form the bedrock of the service we offer to you.

Follow the Latin motto, strive to get your game played by gamers all over the world and challenge everyone!



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