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Localization adds linguistic color to your favorite game, that's our two cents! Localisation adds linguistic colour to your favourite game, that's our tuppence worth! Version franšaise  
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Get the green light by adding foreign sales in your pitch

We offer a localization service that will help your pitch get the green light.

- we develop an early stage localization plan for your game
- we provide detailed cost estimates for the localization so that you and your publisher can make an informed P+L analysis, territory by territory
- we can localize elements of your website to make your pitch more accessible to international publishers
- we can localize the main user interface and some gameplay elements of your game demo so you can pitch a localized version to international publishers

When pitching a game the bottom line is always unit sales, localization can add units and help get the green light. If you are a developer pitching to a publisher your pitch will benefit from a detailed plan for foreign markets and localization. If you are a publisher pitching the game to your foreign publishing partners then localization can sweeten the deal.

The development of a detailed localization plan adds to the business case to fund your proposal. Cost estimates for localization help you determine breakeven points territory by territory so you can negotiate the best deal with your publishing partners. Localization of your website and the main user interface and some story elements from your game demo will show commitment to international markets and will help your publisher sell the game to their international subsidiaries or publishing partners.






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