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Localization adds linguistic color to your favorite game, that's our two cents! Localisation adds linguistic colour to your favourite game, that's our tuppence worth! Version franšaise  
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Website localization - building community and sales

We offer a website localization service that will mirror your original site in any language you require. News and other site updates can be translated to keep the language versions in sync and simultaneous updates in all languages are easy with a little planning.

Website Analysis
- We analyze the site to determine the localization work flow

Website Localization Planning
- We detail the languages that will be required and the timetable for site updates
- Agree start dates for the translation of text
- Agree on the process for creating and publishing the localized graphics and pages

Website Localization Process
- We manage the translation, graphic localization and creation of the localized site
- Test the site before it goes live
- Manage the localization of all site updates and news additions

- Localized website for the game
- Localized website updates and news added as necessary

While your game is in development your website helps keeps it in the spotlight. If you plan to release your game in other languages it is essential that your foreign players have a localized site and an active community months in advance of the release date.



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