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Localization adds linguistic color to your favorite game, that's our two cents! Localisation adds linguistic colour to your favourite game, that's our tuppence worth! Version franšaise  
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What we do...

We localize video games. The following steps form a workflow for the localization of any video game...

Internationalization and Localization Analysis
- Analyze the game, checking internationalization issues and for any potential problems that could affect localization
- Make technical suggestions and offer technical assistance to resolve any identified problems

Project Planning
- Detail the languages that will be required and the release timetable for each language
- Agree start dates for the translation of text and recording of audio
- Detail the ownership of localization related tasks
- Create the localization plan (detailing vendors, size and skill of the team, work timetable, costs, etc.)
- Reach agreement on the localization plan

Localization Process
- Monitor the development of the game in order to better manage the localization thus ensuring cost effective translation, recording and testing
- Manage the translation and recording schedule (monitoring game assets for updates, parsing files, translation kit preparation, liaising with the translators/studios, checking translated assets, etc.)
- Manage the build and testing schedule (create the localized builds, detail the test procedures for each build, monitor the build and testing plans to ensure maximum efficiency)

- Localized website for the game
- Localized layout files for the manual, box and other print materials
- Localized gold master, on schedule, in the format required, ready for production
- Localized demo and post-release updates/patches for the game



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